officer of‧fi‧cer [ˈɒfsə ǁ ˈɒːfsər, ˈɑː-] noun [countable] HUMAN RESOURCES
someone who has an important position in an organization. `Officer' is often used in job titles:

• a local government officer

• a personnel officer

caˈreers ˌofficer HUMAN RESOURCES JOBS
someone whose job is to give people advice about what jobs and professional training might be suitable for them; = career counselor AmE; careers advisor
ˌChief Exˈecutive ˌOfficer abbreviation CEO HUMAN RESOURCES JOBS
the manager with the most authority in the normal, everyday management of a company. The job of Chief Executive Officer is sometimes combined with other jobs, such as that of president:

• He is the company's chairman, president and Chief Executive Officer.

ˌchief fiˈnancial ˌofficer abbreviation CFO HUMAN RESOURCES JOBS
the finance manager with the most authority in a company:

• Mr Smith, the chief financial officer, says the company has decided on the assets it wishes to sell.

ˌchief inforˈmation ˌofficer abbreviation CIO HUMAN RESOURCES JOBS
1. a manager who is responsible for giving information to people inside or outside a company
2. a manager who is responsible for managing information technology
ˌchief ˈoperating ˌofficer HUMAN RESOURCES JOBS
the person with responsibility for the normal everyday management of the operations or activities of a company:

• He has no experience in the large-scale management a chief operating officer will perform.

ˈcompany ˌofficer also ˈcorporate ˌofficer
LAW HUMAN RESOURCES JOBS someone with legal responsibility for a company:

• some person such as a director, company secretary or similar company officer

comˈpliance ˌofficer
LAW HUMAN RESOURCES JOBS someone in an organization, especially a financial institution, whose job is to make sure that the institution is obeying the law:

• The company agreed to appoint a compliance officer to monitor its transactions.

ˈknowledge ˌofficer HUMAN RESOURCES JOBS
the person in a company whose job is to gather and manage all the information that a company and its employees possess about the methods and processes that it uses, and about its markets, competitors etc:

• Titles such as `chief knowledge officer' reflect the change in the role of the head of information technology.

ˈpress ˌofficer HUMAN RESOURCES JOBS
the person in an organization whose job is to deal with questions from people working for the newspapers, radio, or television; = PRESS SECRETARY:

• The company now employs a full-time press officer.

proˈcurement ˌofficer also ˈpurchasing ˌofficer HUMAN RESOURCES JOBS
someone whose job involves buying equipment, supplies, services etc for a company or organization:

• Procurement officers prefer to deal face-to-face with suppliers.

ˌpublic reˈlations ˌofficer abbreviation PRO HUMAN RESOURCES JOBS
someone whose job is to supply information about a company or organization in a way that makes people have a good opinion of it — see also careers officer

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officer UK US /ˈɒfɪsər/ noun [C]
HR, WORKPLACE a person who has a position of authority in an organization. The word is often used in job titles: »

He joined the company in July as chief operating officer.


a personnel officer


There follows a list of the Board of Directors and officers of the company.

See also CAREERS OFFICER(Cf. ↑careers officer), CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER(Cf. ↑chief executive officer), CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER(Cf. ↑chief financial officer), CHIEF INFORMATION OFFICER(Cf. ↑chief information officer), CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER(Cf. ↑chief operating officer), CHIEF TECHNOLOGY OFFICER(Cf. ↑chief technology officer), COMPANY OFFICER(Cf. ↑company officer), COMPLIANCE OFFICER(Cf. ↑compliance officer), ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH OFFICER(Cf. ↑environmental health officer), FIRE SAFETY OFFICER(Cf. ↑fire safety officer), KNOWLEDGE OFFICER(Cf. ↑knowledge officer), PRESS OFFICER(Cf. ↑press officer), PROCUREMENT OFFICER(Cf. ↑procurement officer), PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICER(Cf. ↑public relations officer)

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